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21 days ago
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Alternative Replacement for Decimator MD-HX Cross Converter

The AVMatrix SC2030 3G-SDI/HDMI Scaling Cross Converter offers a compelling alternative to the Decimator MD-HX SDI/HDMI Cross Converter. With its advanced features, enhanced performance, and user-friendly operation, the SC2030 Converter is a valuable tool for video production, live streaming, and broadcasting applications. Whether you need seamless signal conversion, or audio flexibility, the AVMatrix SC2030 Converter has you covered. Consider incorporating this versatile converter into your video production workflow for enhanced efficiency and optimal results.

2 months ago
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Which version of EDIUS 11 is best for me?

For your specific requirements, Grass Valley EDIUS 11 is offered in a variety of versions. There is no version with restricted functions; all variants are full versions. The price varies based on factors like whether you need an upgrade or if you are an educational institution, for example, and the variants are downloaded in slightly different ways based on your needs.

6 months ago
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Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K Recommended list of CFexpress Cards

This Information Note designates the recommended CFexpress cards and USB-C drives for use with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K.

6 months ago
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How do I get Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio Version?

DaVinci Resolve is the only software in the world that can edit, fix colors, add visual effects, make motion graphics, and add sound after the fact. It has a beautiful, modern interface that is easy for new users to learn and quick to use, but powerful for experts. You can work faster and better with DaVinci Resolve since you don't have to learn new apps or switch between software to do different jobs. That means you can work with images that are as good as they were when they were taken from the camera the whole time. It's like having your own studio for post-production all in one app! The best part is that when you learn DaVinci Resolve, you learn how to use the same tools that Hollywood pros do!


6 months ago
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Grass Valley EDIUS 11 Announced

EDIUS 11 adds features to improve video editing efficiency and expression. It also includes the EDIUS project, sequence, and clip management and the Mync® 11 media player, organizer, and uploader. The Chorus Hub 11 Server system from Grass Valley allows multiple EDIUS clients to collaborate on projects and source clips. Non-educational users can upgrade.

6 months ago
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