NewTek ProTek TriCaster and 3Play Extended Hardware Warranty

NewTek TriCaster and 3Play ProTek and Extended Warrant information.

Please contact Coremicro for more details: 800-886-2752


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Understanding Focal Length for Video Camera

The choice of camera lens depends on the type of scene you are shooting, the visual style of your project, and the story you want to tell. It's important to understand the strengths and limitations of each type of lens to make the best decision for your video production.

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What does Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher do?

Here are the top five things that a Blackmagic Design ATEM switcher can do:

  1. Switch between multiple video sources in real-time: The ATEM switcher allows for seamless switching between multiple video sources, such as cameras, playback devices, and computers, making it ideal for live events, television broadcasts, and other live productions.

  2. Perform color correction: Many Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers include advanced color correction tools, which can be used to adjust the color balance and saturation of the video sources to produce a polished and professional final product.

  3. Perform keying: Some Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers include keying tools, which can be used to superimpose one video source over another, such as adding a logo or lower-third graphic to a live video feed.

  4. Mix audio: Some Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers include audio mixing tools, which can be used to balance and adjust the audio levels of different video sources, allowing for a polished and professional final audio mix.

  5. Record and stream video: Some Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers can record and stream video directly to a hard drive or to the internet, which can be used for archival purposes or for live streaming events.

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What does NewTek TriCaster do

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What's the Difference Between MFT, EF, PL, F and B4 Lens Mounts

A lens mount for video is a mechanism that connects a camera to a lens. It is a standardized interface that allows the lens to be securely and precisely attached to the camera body, and also enables the communication between the lens and camera.

The mount also provides a means for adjusting the focus and aperture of the lens, as well as other functions such as zoom and image stabilization. Different camera manufacturers use different types of lens mounts, and each type of mount is typically designed to work with a specific camera system and sensor size. Some of the most common lens mounts for professional video cameras include PL, B4, and EF. These mounts are known for their reliability, durability and for providing a wide range of lens options for video production.

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Top ten reasons to use NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro?

NewTek TriCaster is a line of all-in-one video production systems that allows users to create professional-quality content for live streaming, broadcast, and web. These systems are equipped with a range of input and output options, allowing users to capture video from multiple cameras and other sources. They also feature advanced tools such as chroma key, virtual sets, and motion graphics. TriCaster systems can be integrated with a variety of third-party software and hardware, giving users the flexibility to expand their capabilities and customize their workflow. NewTek offers a range of TriCaster models, from the entry-level to high-end, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Overall, TriCaster is a powerful tool for creating professional-quality content.

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Why Should I use Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 18.1 Key Features

  • Vertical resolution options in project settings for social media.
  • Select custom thumbnails and channels for YouTube uploads.
  • Support for individual timeline locks enhancing multi-user collaboration.
  • New DaVinci Neural Engine enabled voice isolation in Studio.
  • New Dialogue Leveler for natural smooth audio.
  • Vector keyframing for Fairlight automation curve editing.
  • Fairlight grid support for editing to timecode or musical tempo.
  • Reorganized and streamlined view menu.
  • Support for Resolve FX Dust Buster in the edit timeline.
  • Improvements to ATEM Mini ISO project import to keep audio attached to video clips.
  • Improved speed editor functionality in the edit page.
  • Subtitle caption properties can now be overridden individually.
  • Support for subtitle track presets and per-track formatting rules.
  • Support for Magic Mask in the Fusion page.
  • Support for Dolby Vision cinema trims.
  • Support for fractional display scaling for Windows and Linux
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Top five reasons to use Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is a professional-grade all-in-one video editing software.
  • It offers a wide range of features and tools for editing, color correction, and finishing videos.
  • Its collaboration features make it a great option for large projects.
  • Its advanced color correction and audio tools make it suitable for professional colorists and audio engineers.
  • It is affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
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TriCaster and Flowics by Vizrt

Flowics by Vizrt is the most comprehensive cloud-native, web-based platform for generating live graphics anywhere. Power up your live production with second screen engagement, interactive content and social media integrations. Get your free trial now!

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