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NewTek launches the NDI PTZ3 UHD Camera

Truly mastering the art of capture, the PTZ3 UHD is the best and easiest way of getting the highest quality video and audio onto any network and into any production

1 year ago
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NDI Related Network Ports

NDI operates bi-directionally over a LAN with many video streams on a shared connection. Its encoding algorithm is resolution and frame-rate independent supporting 4K resolutions and beyond along with 16 channels and more of floating-point audio. The protocol also includes tools that implement video access rights, grouping, bi-directional metadata, and IP commands. NDI’s superb performance over standard GigE networks makes it possible to transition facilities to an incredibly versatile IP video production pipeline without negating existing investments in SDI and HDMI cameras and infrastructure or costly new high-speed network infrastructures.

1 year ago
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NewTek PTZ2 Accept EULA before using the NDI Source

My NewTek PTZ2 Camera shows "Please log into the camera webpage and accept the EULA before using the NDI(r) source" 

3 years ago
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NewTek NDI Bandwidth and Speed Requirement

NDI performs best in a dedicated network with high bandwidth and availability. In contrast, in unmanaged environments such as the public Internet or networks, video rides alongside data without regard for priority.

3 years ago
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NewTek has unveiled one of the most exciting product releases of the year, NDI® 5.

NewTek NDI 5, which will be available for download later this month, will allow anyone to easily move video, audio, and metadata over LAN, WAN, and public internet – at high speed and quality – using billions of devices around the world. With NDI 5, physical studios will be able to connect to cloud-based ones, effectively making remote video production local.

3 years ago
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