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Panasonic NDI Upgrade for PTZ and Handheld Cameras

You can now add NewTek NDI|HX License Upgrade for your Panasonic PTZ and Handheld Cameras.

11 months ago
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NewTek introduces PTZ3, the World's First PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX3 Support.

"The PTZ3 overcomes some common challenges that have impacted PTZ usability in the past through an innovative approach to preset recalls, low latency and high quality with NDI|HX3, and single-cable connection"

William Waters, Head of Product Management, NewTek

1 year ago
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NewTek NDI Bandwidth and Speed Requirement

NDI performs best in a dedicated network with high bandwidth and availability. In contrast, in unmanaged environments such as the public Internet or networks, video rides alongside data without regard for priority.

2 years ago
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NewTek has unveiled one of the most exciting product releases of the year, NDI® 5.

NewTek NDI 5, which will be available for download later this month, will allow anyone to easily move video, audio, and metadata over LAN, WAN, and public internet – at high speed and quality – using billions of devices around the world. With NDI 5, physical studios will be able to connect to cloud-based ones, effectively making remote video production local.

2 years ago
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