Grass Valley EDIUS 11 Pro Education

Grass Valley EDIUS 11 Pro Education

Grass Valley EDIUS 11 Pro Education

  • Edius 11 Pro Education proof necessary
  • AI noise elimination
  • Quick project start from Mync
  • Avid DNxHD / DNxHR support
  • New Titler
  • Mync 11 Tab in EDIUS
  • Chorus Hub 11
  • Auto color correction
  • Sony XAVC H support
Electronic Download

Education Version for students, teachers, schools, and universities.
Education Versions cannot be upgraded and may not be used commercially.
Education proof is Required.

NOTE: NO physical product ships, Grass Valley EDIUS 11 Pro Education (Activation Key) delivers only by email.  

Order Processing Time: Monday - Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm PST

Available for U.S Customers Only (Manufacturer Restrictions)
Edius 11 Pro Education is non-returnable or non-refundable. No Exception.

Grass Valley EDIUS 11 Pro Education: The Best Video Editing Software for Pros and Amateurs. This video editing software serves Educational filmmakers, video journalists, YouTubers, and universities. You can unleash your creativity and boost productivity with our intuitive software.
You can quickly and efficiently realize your ideas with its easy UI and speedy workflows. EDIUS eliminates rendering and waiting periods, making editing smooth. Our software also ensures system stability, giving you a solid work platform. EDIUS gives you creative freedom and delivery efficiency.

EDIUS 11 is a cutting-edge video editor that supports the latest camera, codec, and recording formats. With native compatibility, EDIUS seamlessly processes multiple layers of 4K material in real time, allowing users to color-correct and apply filters.

Grasse Valley Background rendering reduces interruptions and delays EDIUS: The Best NLE for HDR Workflows Discover the unmatched user-friendliness of EDIUS, which streamlines HDR project workflows. EDIUS is the best HDR option since you can import, edit, and export content like never before. You'll also get significant I/O card support from AJA and Blackmagic Design, improving your experience. EDIUS also offers improved Mync asset management software for organizing and sharing film and media files.

EDIUS 11 Pro Education is affordable and subscription-free for college students. Due to its everlasting license, EDIUS is yours forever. Enjoy free updates for the life of your EDIUS version.

A core engine upgrade ensures compatibility with the newest PC environments and maximizes GPU performance. A revolutionary intelligent color-correcting filter enhances video footage effortlessly. It includes ready-to-use glitch effects. The new 'Adjustment Clips' are the easiest way to add effects to several clips.

AI-based voice recognition technology helps editors reduce noise better than before. A separate Audio Editor with AI-powered speech-to-text capabilities improves audio efficiency in EDIUS 11. New video subtitle burner: quick, strong, and integrated.

Mync 11's powerful content management capabilities streamline film prep for editing. With the new EDIUS 11 Mync tab, editors may easily access critical tools and assets in the UI.

The new Chorus Hub 11 Server improves teamwork and editing efficiency. Group editing installations rely on the Chorus Hub 11 Server to connect EDIUS 11 clients, the XRE Render Engine, Mync 11, and storage solutions. Users can enable AI analysis features like automated video and photo tagging, Quality Control (QC), and others by using the Hub's SDK. The Chorus Hub can be purchased individually and tailored for your area. Get your customized quote.

EDIUS 11: AI-Powered Tools Encourage Creativity Third-party AI services can now be integrated seamlessly into EDIUS 11 online and offline. Chorus Hub 11 Server technology from Grass Valley allows easy cooperation of EDIUS projects across many clients (sold separately).

EDIUS 11 New Features

  • Glitch effects: Spice up your projects with the new ready-to-use glitch effects. Simply add them to videos, animations, logos, graphics, and titles.
  • Animated icons: To help you quickly find the optimal effect, EDIUS 11 now shows all transitions with an animated icon.
  • Auto color correction: A new intelligent filter – based on human perception – automatically optimizes your video footage, even with challenging material.
  • AI noise elimination: Utilizing AI-based voice recognition, EDIUS 11 now allows you to eliminate even extreme noise better than ever before.
  • New Audio Editor: To further optimize audio, EDIUS 11 includes a professional Multitrack Audio Editor for analyzing, restoring, and mastering audio.
  • Speech to Text: The new Audio Editor also includes a Captions Editor which allows an AI-based speech-to-text workflow. In EDIUS 11 you can use the created captions as markers or subtitles.
  • New Titler: The new integrated, fast, and powerful Titler allows you, amongst others, to burn subtitles into your video. You can easily change the style of the subtitle by choosing from different designs.
  • Quick project start: Easily start up an EDIUS 11 project that automatically matches the clip settings.
  • Social media project and export presets: Use presets in horizontal, vertical, and square formats for various social media platforms.
  • Adjustment clip: Save time by using adjustment clips when applying effects to multiple clips.
  • OFX Plug-in native support: Enjoy a new world of possibilities with the native OFX plug-in support. Integrate even more effects and filters and work more efficiently.
  • Mync 11 Tab in EDIUS: EDIUS includes Mync, a comfortable and powerful tool to help you manage your media files and quickly prepare your footage for editing. Set In and Out points, add markers, tags and comments, and point out clips by changing their color and rating. The new EDIUS 11 Mync Tab puts all these tools and assets at your fingertips directly in EDIUS.
  • Chorus Hub collaboration: The optional Chorus Hub server enables EDIUS 11 editors to collaborate with others. More information…
  • AI services: Thanks to its open structure, you can integrate 3rd party AI services into EDIUS 11. Functions like quality control, scene description, and face detection allow you to tailor your EDIUS workflow.
  • GPU hardware support: EDIUS 11 offers extended GPU decoding and support for the latest PC hardware.3rd-party hardware support update: EDIUS 11 comes with support for the latest I/O hardware from AJA and Blackmagic.
  • Latest Format support: No other editor natively supports such a vast variety of formats and codecs as EDIUS 11. With EDIUS 11 you will always be able to use the latest cameras, drones, smartphones and more.
  • Sony XAVC H support: The latest codec from the new Sony camera “Burano” is already supported in EDIUS 11.
  • HEIF Image support: EDIUS 11 also supports “High Efficiency Image File” HEIF Format used by a growing number of smartphones.
  • Mync 11 media management software is included in EDIUS 11. New features are:
    • Extended clip management features: Mync 11 offers an enhanced clip management to quickly prepare your footage for editing.
    • EDIUS Project and Sequence management: Manage not only your media files, but also your EDIUS projects and sequences in Mync 11.
    • Transcode (Preset base): You can now convert media files into new file formats. Mync comes with a selection of presets for the most popular media file formats.
    • Job Monitor: Use the job monitor to watch the background jobs not only of EDIUS but also Mync, for example when transcoding or exporting media.
    • In the future, Mync 11 will also support storyboard editing, search for duplicate files and offline clips, verify copy, hide clips and more…
  • EDIUS 11 is bundled with the following great new modules for optimizing audio, title creation and video effects. The regular retail price for these modules alone is more than US$700. With EDIUS 11, you get all these great solutions for free as part of the EDIUS 11 package:
    • Audio Filter Plug-in Pack: Acon Digital EE for EDIUS 11
    • Audio and Captions Editor: Acon Digital Acoustica EDIUS Edition 7.5
    • Titler Plug-in Pack: VisTitle Express for EDIUS 11
    • Video Transition and Filter Plug-in Pack: ProDAD Vitascene V5 EDIUS Edition
Processing Order Processing Time: M-F 9AM - 4:30PM (PST)
EDIUS 11 System Requirements
Intel 5th Gen or newer or equivalent AMD CPU 
8 GB RAM or more | for 4K/8K projects 16 GB or more
Hard Disk
6 GB of hard disk space for installation, fast drive for video storage
Graphics Card
1 GB VRAM or more | for 4K/8K projects 2 GB or more
Sound Card
Sound card with WDM driver support
Internet connection required for initial software license activation, thereafter once per month to maintain usage | Offline activation and usage possible for EDIUS 11 Workgroup
Windows 10 64-bit version 21H2 or later, Windows 11, changes can be made at any time without notice
Supported Languages
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese traditional (Chinese simplified is available in the Chinese Version and Japanese in the Japanese Version of EDIUS 11)
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Which video capture does Edius 11 support?

Grass Valley EDIUS 11 supports the following I/O Hardware:Grass ValleySTORM 3G (preview only)STORM Pro (preview only)Blackmagic DesignAll Decklink, Intensity, and UltraStudio productsAJA Video SystemsKONA 5, KONA 4, KONA 1 (capture and preview)KONA 3G...

What is the Chorus Hub Server do on EDIUS 11?

As a pre-configured PC-Server, the Chorus Hub Server lets multiple EDIUS 11 editors work together on projects. The Chorus Hub Server has an EDIUS 11 database that has information about projects, like where files are located. In addition, the Chorus ...

What does the Chorus Hub Server do for EDIUS editors?

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Grass Valley Edius 11 Pro Manual

Download Grass Valley Edius 11 Pro Manual

How long does it take to get my Edius 11 activation key after I buy it?

All orders including the Edius 11 Activation Key will be processed during business hours, Monday through Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm PST (excluding holidays).

How many computers can I activate my Edius 11?

EDIUS 11 only can be activated One PC at a time If it becomes necessary to switch the editing PC, you can deactivate and reactivate another PC twice a week.  

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