Live stream to Facebook or YouTube Live Streaming with Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme

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Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro, ATEM Mini Pro ISO, ATEM Mini Extreme, and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO allow you to stream directly to your preferred live-streaming platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live without using streaming software.

In this tutorial, we'll set up basic streaming using Facebook and YouTube Live.

These are the requirement to stream using ATEM Mini Pro

1. Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro or higher, click Product URL for more information

2. A desktop or Laptop computer with USB-C is required.

3. Ethernet cable connected to a router.

4. An active internet connection with a minimum of 5 Mbs upload.

5. Recording via USB-C drive (Optional)

6. Download and Install ATEM Software from Blackmagic Design Website


In this example, we are using Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme to set up Facebook Live and YouTube Live streaming.

1. Connect all inputs

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme Inputs

2. Run Blackmagic ATEM Setup

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme Setup

3. Click configuration for ATEM Mini Extreme IP Setup. In this example, we are using DHCP IP.

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme IP Setup

3. Once set the IP address, Open ATEM Software Control

Blackmagic ATEM Software Control

4. Connect your ATEM, Click FIle -> Connection, and Select ATEM Mini Extreme

ATEM Connection

5. Once connected. You can see all the ATEM Software Control Interface

ATEM Software Control

6. Setup Streaming on Facebook. Go to

Click Copy icon

ATEM MINI Extreme Facebook Live

7. On ATEM Software Control, Click Output and copy-paste the stream key.

ATEM Mini Extreme Facebook Live

8. And click ON AIR and now You are live on Facebook

Facebook Livestreaming using ATEM Mini Extreme


Streaming via YouTube Live.

1. Click on your profile icon and select YouTube Studio

YouTube Streaming

2. Click on Live 

YouTube Live ATEM

3. Pop-up shows up and select Right Now

YouTube Live

4. Select Streaming Software

YouTube Streaming Software

5. Click Save

YouTube Edit Stream

6. Copy and Paste Stream Key

YouTube Stream Key ATEM

7. Paste stream key  and click ON AIR and you are LIVE

7. YouTube Stream Key ATEM

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