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NewTek TalkShow VS 4000 Multi-Channel Skype Calling System

  SKU# NTK-TSVS-4000
  MFR# FG-001394-R001

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Product Highlights

  • 4 HD-SDI Input and Output
  • 2 Balanced XLR
  • Integrated NDI
  • Full configurable settings for incoming audio signal
  • Support multi-channel Skype TX
  • Call recording using External USB 3.0 or SAN Storage
  • Professional Broadcaster Functionality


The groundbreaking multi-channels video calling production system TalkShow VS 4000 from NewTek has the ability to connect continuously up to 4 users in real time with broadcast quality and with no distraction in delivering the feed. This product is designed exclusively for both: SDI and IP that work to handle multiple live and production with Skype video calls continuously. There are few improvements that deliver more flexibilities and scalable than the previous models with the ability to integrate multiple sources of video calls or in sequence.

Features that make this TalkShow VS 4000 unique, is that this product enables instant connection video calls and capabilities to record great interviews via USB 3.0 or SAN Storage. It also works very well for live interaction with any combination and sequence from the contact via Skype; to simplify compelling conversation or profound discussion among the users regarding the location. With 1RU mountable hardware with 4 input and output integration SDI and IP workflows via NDI, this feature enables multiple videos to identify and communicate with another user over IP. With these features, it is much easier to transmit, encode, and receive many streaming towards the quality, low latency, video frame and audio in real time.

TalkShow VS 4000 facilitates a standalone call control and production interfaces for technical and management call configuration. All elements like communication, monitoring, behind the scenes video, and audio capabilities are included. In addition, those features make any users easier to use this product to consolidate with Webserver app-based on NDI sources, from any networked device browser such as Android and IOS for remote viewing. Skype TX 4 has been optimized to minimize distraction and focusing on producing clean, and full HD quality.

Functionality the TalkShow VS 4000 has professional broadcaster features, such as proc amp, white balance, advanced color configuration, automatic color correction, and gain. Moreover, there are also a graphic equalizer, compressor, noise gate controls and output video formats up to 1080p30.


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What's Included

NewTek TalkShow VS 4000
Keyboard & Mouse
Power Cord
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Hardware Video Input

4 x HD-SDI with embedded audio

Hardware Video Output

4 x HD-SDI with embedded audio

Hardware Audio Input

4 x embedded SDI audio
2 x Balanced XLR (Line)

Hardware Audio Output

4 x embedded SDI audio
2 x Balanced XLR (Line)

IP Networking

Integrated NewTek Network Device Interface (NDI) technology enabling transmission of A/V input and output signals over IP between TalkShow and other supported systems, including TriCaster, 3Play and a range of third-party solutions

Dante Audio Networking

Integrated Dante audio support, enabling TalkShow to interface with other audio devices utilizing the Dante networking protocol from Audinate

Call Recording

Supports full-bandwidth recording of call video and audio (optionally including return audio on separate channels) to external USB 3.0 or SAN storage

Video Configuration

  • Fully configurable color correction settings for each incoming Skype video signal, including white balance, proc amp controls and auto color
  • Freely selectable video source for return to each Skype caller

Audio Configuration

  • Fully configurable settings for each incoming Skype audio signal, including gain control, seven-band equalizer, compressor/limiter, and noise gate
  • Freely selectable audio source and mix-minus channel control for return to each Skype caller

Talk Back

Supports direct, off-air communication between operator and remote callers individually or as a group via headset (optionally configurable for control via external GPI trigger)

Call Management

  • Supports multi-channel Skype TX call management locally or over IP via Skype TX controller application
  • Local production control supporting per-channel configuration of call video and audio, and Talk Back communication via TalkShow user interface
  • Direct mouse and keyboard USB interface required

Local Monitoring

  • DVI and HDMI ports for connecting external monitors
  • Stereo 1/4” phone jack for local audio monitoring
  • Full-motion input and output video previews within user interface, including optional picture-in-picture overlay of return video for each call monitor
  • Configurable multi-view workspace, including selectable layouts and optional overlays including title safe, 4:3 safe, center cross and VU meters
  • Audio VU metering

Output Video Formats

Configurable call video output resolution and frame rate, with support for NTSC and PAL formats

  • 1080i – 25, 29.97, 30
  • 1080p – 23.98, 24
  • 720p – 50, 59.94, 60
  • 576i (16:9 or 4:3) – 25
  • 480i (16:9 or 4:3) – 29.97

Return Video Formats

Configurable return video input resolution and frame rate, with support for NTSC and PAL formats (available selections vary depending on output video format selected)

  • 1080i – 29.97, 25
  • 1080p – 30, 30 PsF, 24, 24 (Telecine), 25, 25 PsF
  • 720p – 30, 25, 24
  • 576i (16:9 or 4:3) – 25
  • 480i (16:9 or 4:3) - 29.97


Optionally supports Skype logo watermark on output


Supports hardware tally via HD15 GPI connector or network tally via NewTek NDI


HD15 GPI connector


  • Genlock input supporting SD (Bi-level) or HD (Tri-level) reference signals
  • +4dBU audio reference level

Signal Monitoring

Integrated Waveform and Vectorscope, full field rate with digital calibration, color preview and support for ITU-R Rec. 601 and 709


Microsoft Windows 10 OS, Skype TX 4 software, Skype TX controller application, and TalkShow control software


4th Generation i7 Quad-Core


Intel HD4600 GPU




120Gb internal SSD


Video: 4:4:4:4, 32-bit Floating Point
Audio: 4 channels, 96 kHz, 32-bit Floating Point


HD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 292M
SD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 259M


Dual gigabit Ethernet NIC supporting Skype TX call transmission, NDI transmission to and from supported systems, Dante audio networking, and local network traffic


  • Multi-tiered fail-safe system
  • Automatic failover to audio transmission with caller snapshot when bandwidth falls below operator-defined preset value
  • Comprehensive system restore operation

System Physical

1RU Rack Mount with 180W power supply (110-220V external; 12V internal)

  • 19.0 x 1.75 x 16.75 in (48.3 x 4.5 x 42.5 cm) with rack ears attached
  • 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

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