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Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 12


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Product Highlights

  • Realtime Chroma Keyer
  • 4 x SD/HD SDI Inputs with Loop Through
  • 4:4:4:4 Internal Image Processing
  • Spill Suppression Tools
  • Edge Artifact Controls
  • Ambiance Controls
  • Matte Correction and Sizing

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Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 12 is an advanced real-time hardware compositing processor designed for the next generation of broadcast graphics quality keying, adding augmented reality elements into shots, and working with virtual sets. Ultimatte 12 gives you the flexibility to work in HD today and switch to Ultra HD when you are ready. Customers get sub pixel processing for image quality and textures in both HD and Ultra HD. Plus it’s compatible with virtually all SD, HD and Ultra HD equipment, so you can use it with the current cameras you already have. Ultimatte 12 features entirely new algorithms and color science, edge handling, greater color separation, color fidelity, and better spill suppression.

Create life-like composites and place talent into any scene, working with both fixed cameras and static backgrounds, or automated virtual set systems. Imagine presenting the weather, sports, news, and entertainment in a cinematic quality environment, all composited in real time. Perfect for on set pre visualization in television and film production because it lets actors and directors see the virtual sets they’re interacting with while shooting against a green screen.

The system is designed to be affordable, so you can use it on even more cameras to increase production quality. For example, when working on live shoots with multiple cameras shooting from different angles, it’s common for the green or blue screen to suffer from variations. The keyers built into live production switchers use the same keying parameters for all cameras, which complicates keying and image quality because each camera sees the green screen a little differently. Ultimatte 12 eliminates this problem with incredible new technology at an affordable price so it’s now possible to add keyers to every camera for the highest possible quality keys. With the power of a dedicated keyer on every camera, Ultimatte 12 is ideal for live broadcast news, weather, sports, virtual studios and more.

Augmented reality is becoming more and more popular. On-air talent now interacts with glass-like computer-generated charts, graphs, displays and other objects with colored translucency on virtually every broadcast television show. Adding tinted translucent objects is virtually impossible with a traditional keyer and the results customers see on television don’t look realistic. That’s because when blue or green is subtracted out of a semi-transparent tinted object, it changes the object’s original color. Now, with Ultimatte 12, customers get a new “realistic” layer compositing mode that can add tinted objects on top of the foreground image and key them correctly. This means that the object properly transmits the colors seen through it. Talent can even walk behind it and the tinted colors are accurately preserved, making the shot look realistic.

Ultimatte 12 also features one touch keying technology that analyzes a scene and automatically sets over a 100 parameters so pulling great keys is easy without having to do a lot of extra work. Of course, customers still have to ensure the scene is well lit and the cameras are properly white balanced. One touch keying is dramatically faster and helps accurately pull a key with minimum effort, leaving operators free to focus on the program with less distractions, while Ultimatte 12 takes care of the rest.

The incredible new image processing algorithms, huge internal color space, and automatic internal matte generation lets Ultimatte 12 work on different parts of the image separately. It’s like having the power of multiple Ultimatte keyers all working together on the same image. Fine edge detail is preserved where it’s needed the most, like on hair, and transitions between colors or other objects in the scene is completely smooth. Everything is handled by new math and sub pixel processing that’s designed for incredible quality and clarity in both HD and Ultra HD.

When it comes to color handling, Ultimatte 12, has new flare, edge, and transition processing to remove backgrounds, without affecting other colors. The improved flare algorithms can remove green tinting and spill from anything, even dark shadow areas or through transparent objects. This means Ultimatte 12 can retain and faithfully reproduce colors that are impossible on other keyers, such as a bright yellow dress in front of a green screen. Ultimatte 12 delivers crisp clear, photorealistic images with vibrant colors that pop.

Ultimatte 12 is controlled via Ultimatte Smart Remote 4, which is a touch-screen remote that connects via Ethernet. Up to eight Ultimatte 12 units can be daisy-chained together and connected to the same Smart Remote, so you don’t have worry about adding a video router or hub. Smart Remote 4 features physical buttons for switching and controlling any attached Ultimatte 12. There are also buttons for quickly loading and saving presets, along with a touch screen that provides total control over every parameter. You can also create your own custom control solutions because Ultimatte 12 uses a simple, open text based protocol. Simply Telnet into Ultimatte 12, to start developing and testing custom solutions.

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Video Inputs

• Signal Type: 4x SD/HD SDI inputs with active loop outputs

• Foreground: 4:2:2 - user selectable

• Background: 4:2:2 - user selectable

• Layer: 4:2:2 - user selectable

• Matte In 1: 4:0:0/4:4 - user selectable

• Matte In 2: 4:0:0/4:4 - user selectable

• Reference: Fixed - Input 1

• Input Capture Range: +/- 0.5H max relative to Reference (IN 1) Video timing

• Adjustable input delay: Input 1 and Input 2 up to 7 frames each

Video Outputs

• 4x SD/HD SDI: 2 x FG + BG (4:2:2/4:0:0)

• 1x Matte Out (4:0:0)

• 1x Monitor Out (4:2:2/4:0:0)

• Audio and data: All outputs include embedded audio and ancillary data from input 1

Control Interface

• RS-485: Smart Remote 2 connection

• RS-485: Loop Out to other Main Units (4 max)

• RS-232: Computer Interface

• GPIO: 3 GP In; 1 GP Out [Talley (contact closure TTL)]

• Ethernet: Control (future update) 10/100 Mbps


• Power: 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz

• Operating Temperature: +32°F to +112°F

• Weight: 10lbs

• Dimensions: 1.75" (H) x 17" (W) x 12" (D)


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