Blackmagic Design 320TB Cloud Store

Blackmagic Design 320TB Cloud Store

  • 320TB NVMe M.2 Flash Storage
  • 4 x 10Gb Ethernet Ports and Switch
  • 2 x USB Type-C Ports for Ingest & Backup
  • USB Type-C Ports Also Support Ethernet
  • HDMI Monitoring Output for Status
  • Dropbox Sync Support
  • Configured as RAID 5
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports


Ships in 7-14 Days

The Blackmagic Design 320TB Cloud Store is a high-speed, high-capacity network disk designed to accommodate the enormous media files utilized in Hollywood feature films. The design makes advantage of modern flash memory to accommodate a large number of concurrent users. With Dropbox live sync, files can be distributed globally for incredibly rapid local file access, even over low-cost Internet connections. In contrast to SAN systems, there is no need for IT specialists, and there are no monthly expenses. There is even an HDMI display output with real-time storage status. This means that you will acquire significantly more features than you would with inexpensive storage products from office supply stores.

Designed for Film and Television
Blackmagic Cloud Store is the optimal network storage solution for all applications! But, it is ideal for cinema and television, where massive media files must be shared among several users for editing, color correction, audio post, and visual effects work. Even huge 12K Blackmagic RAW digital cinema files are supported! Each user gets zero latency and they don't need to store files on their local computer. It's the ideal complement to DaVinci Resolve! Dropbox sync enables the global synchronization of many drives in different places. Then, each place receives the fastest possible editing experience. This is crucial for multicam editing involving simultaneous playback of multiple media files!

Portable and Quiet Design
In contrast to IT sector storage systems that are rack-mounted and feature loud cooling fans, the Blackmagic Cloud Store has an appealing, portable vertical design. It is also whisper quiet, making it suitable for usage on location. It contains an array of flash memory cards that operate in parallel for speed and data security. Even more, there are two redundant power supply! The four 10G Ethernet ports function as a switch, allowing you to connect four distinct PCs, or they can be aggregated via "link aggregation" to achieve 40G Ethernet speeds. There is also an HDMI monitoring output, allowing you to observe a live graphical representation of the storage's operation on a television or monitor. It can even be fixed and maintained!

USB‑C Ingest
The USB-C input connection will immediately read any inserted disk. It is totally automatic and requires only the insertion of a USB media dock or USB drive. On this port, Ethernet over USB is also supported.

USB‑C Backup
This USB-C connector will automatically back up cloud storage files to any USB storage device that is connected to it. It's an inexpensive approach to protect your important files! On this port, Ethernet over USB is also supported.

HDMI Monitor Output
The HDMI monitor output enables real-time monitoring of your cloud storage. Simply connect a TV or monitor to the outlet. You may view a storage map, graphs of speed, synchronization, active users, and battery status!

10G Ethernet
The 10G Ethernet ports permit the connection of four different PCs. This is fantastic for mobile use, as the 10G Ethernet switch is integrated. Moreover, all four ports can function as a 40G Ethernet link!

Flash Memory Allows Multiple Simultaneous Users
Blackmagic Cloud Store is available in capacities of 20 TB, 80 TB, and 320 TB, so you have ample room for all of your business files and video content. With video as the standard for business information distribution, you can store all of your material in a single spot on your network. M.2 flash memory cards are utilized due to their rapid access rates and zero seek times. In addition, the M.2 cards are organized in parallel RAID 5 groups, allowing them to run significantly quicker than a single card. This ensures both huge speed and fault tolerance. If a malfunctioning M.2 card is discovered, the cloud storage will enter read-only mode, allowing you to still access your files.

High Performance for Digital Film Files
With four distinct 10G Ethernet connections, Blackmagic Cloud Storage is incredibly quick. The internal memory core has been developed to simultaneously reach the theoretical maximum speed of all four 10G Ethernet connections. The vast majority of PCs cannot keep up! In addition, file access has a low latency, therefore responsiveness is quick. This is possible because the memory core uses huge parallel processing. At maximum performance, the Blackmagic Cloud Store is exceptionally quiet, with minimal noise from the cooling fans. Even when editing 12K RAW digital film files. Even when working with enormous digital film camera files, multicam editing is surprisingly smooth!

Sync to Dropbox
You may now configure a local caching of your Dropbox files! This expedites work considerably because files are immediately accessible without needing to be downloaded from the internet. Blackmagic Cloud Storage will continually strive to remain synchronized. In addition, you can save space on your PC by transferring Dropbox-cached files to the Blackmagic Cloud Store, where they will be accessible to everyone on your local network. You can even synchronize numerous Blackmagic Cloud Stores via Dropbox, enabling geographically dispersed users to collaborate in real-time because everyone has a local copy of the files. Dropbox is also an excellent backup service.

Add Cloud Service
Ensure that your Blackmagic Cloud Store has an internet connection. Enter your Dropbox credentials so the Cloud Store may gain access to your account to enable syncing.

Distribute Files Globally
With Dropbox sync functionality, multiple Blackmagic Cloud Storage units can be used to exchange files globally. When working with enormous datasets or massive digital film and video files, this is crucial. These files must be viewed continuously dozens of times per second, which is too much for most internet connections to handle. While the Internet's latency prevents remote access to huge files, it can be used to synchronize larger files. Syncing the data to local storage completely eliminates access latency. Because everyone has a local copy of the files on their network, this is the case. Even if your computer is turned off, Blackmagic Cloud Store will continuously sync files.

Real Time Monitoring
HDMI monitoring output is the most intriguing feature! Connect a TV or monitor to observe the current state of the Blackmagic Cloud Storage. The storage map is a graphical representation of the memory core and the locations where connected users are reading and writing data. Very mesmerizing to observe! In addition, there are four graphs displaying the data flows on the four primary 10G Ethernet connections. The main space indicator displays the memory core's capacity and the amount of memory currently in use. You may also give your store a unique name! Moreover, the status of each Dropbox connection is displayed. Even the status of connected users and the power supply can be viewed.

Redundant Design for Mission Critical Use
The Blackmagic Cloud Store safeguards your data by storing it on a RAID 5 array of M.2 flash memory cards. Even though the flash memory utilized by Blackmagic Cloud Store is incredibly dependable, utilizing RAID 5 provides additional security! RAID 5 requires every sixth M.2 card to be parity. When replacing an M.2 card, the parity card's error repair data can be utilized to recreate the files. In addition, the Blackmagic Cloud Storage memory will wear level automatically, preventing repeated data writes to the same area. It even has two power supplies so it can continue to operate if one fails! Since all components are interchangeable, the Blackmagic Cloud Storage can be fixed.

High Performance 10G Ethernet Switch
The Blackmagic Cloud Store is equipped with four 10G Ethernet ports, which are typically exclusive to costly workstation PCs. 10G Ethernet provides 10 times the speed of conventional Ethernet. Moreover, most PCs may be modified to include 10G Ethernet! Blackmagic Cloud Storage is so quick that each 10G Ethernet port will operate at its utmost capacity. Even when use all four 10G Ethernet ports simultaneously! Having an integrated Ethernet switch, each port can be connected to a different computer, or they can be combined for 40G Ethernet. Ethernet also offers extremely low latency for rapid access times. Two additional 1G Ethernet ports allow the 10G Ethernet ports to be reserved for speedier systems.

Connect via USB-C for Quick File Access
Current laptop computers are frequently so tiny that they lack an Ethernet port! Thus, an adapter is required to connect to an Ethernet network. These adapters are irritating and make it more difficult to simply connect your computer to the storage to retrieve a file. The Blackmagic Cloud Store incorporates a USB-C to Ethernet converter, which can be accessed by connecting your computer to the USB-C port on the shop. Additionally, USB-C cables are considerably more elegant than Ethernet connections! Once the Blackmagic Cloud Store USB-C connection has been linked to your computer, you will have an Ethernet connection to the store! It means you can just plug in when you have an immediate need for files!

Supports Local Backup and Ingest via USB-C Disks
Two USB-C ports are available on the Blackmagic Cloud Store for transferring and backing up files. Connecting a media card reader or USB-C drive to the ingest port will cause all files on that disk to be uploaded to the cloud storage. This eliminates the need to wait for computers to load files. A backup is also essential, and while Dropbox is a good backup solution, you may perform local backups without incurring any recurring fees and in complete privacy simply attaching a USB disk to the backup port. It is compatible with USB-C disks and even massive arrays of USB-C disks. As long as the drive is connected, the Blackmagic Cloud Store will continue to back up the most recent files.

Perfect Multi Camera Video Production
With HyperDeck Extremes, you can now redefine multi-camera production by recording studio cameras to the cloud. Each HyperDeck Extreme will record each ISO camera straight to the storage device. That's the optimal multicam editing solution for DaVinci Resolve! Downloading DaVinci Resolve is free, so you can add as many users as necessary. With its 10G Ethernet connection, HyperDeck Extreme may record ProRes, H.265 or DNx video formats into the cloud storage. You can even install an M.2 cache into HyperDeck Extreme to manage the network turmoil caused by numerous users editing simultaneously while recording a big number of cameras into the cloud storage.


In the box
Blackmagic Design 320TB Cloud Store
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Video Outputs
1 x HDMI Output
USB Ports
1 x Backup USB-C Port
1 x Ingest USB-C Port
Ethernet Ports
4 x RJ45 10GbE
2 x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
Computer Interface
Ethernet for shared file access, configuration and software updates.
USB-C for configuration and software updates.
File Sharing Protocol
Computer Connections
50 max
Compatible Services
Storage Type
Storage Capacity
RAID 5 distributed parity
External Storage
USB Disks
Supported File Systems
External: HFS+, exFAT
Blackmagic Cloud Setup Utility
Blackmagic Proxy Generator Lite
Internal software upgrade via Blackmagic Cloud Setup using USB-C port.
Operating Systems
Mac 11.1 Big Sur,
Mac 12.0 Monterey or later.
Windows 10 and 11.
Power Requirements
Power Supply
100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power Inputs
1 x IEC C14 mains
Power Usage
400W max.
Status Monitoring
LED Indicator
Operating Temperature: 0° to 40° C (32°to 104° F)
Storage Temperature: -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
Relative Humidity: 0% to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions (WxDxH)
7.0 x 7.0 x 11.6"
13.2 lb
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