Streamstar Software SW Perpetual License

Streamstar Software SW Perpetual License

  • IP Video Stream Inputs
  • 4x IP stream input (no capture device needed)
  • 4x HDMI and/or HD-SDI input with additional capture devices
  • Cut/Crossfade/Transitions switching modes
  • Instant replays with Slow/Fast motion playback
  • PIP and Split Screen layouts
  • Video clips and complex playlists playback
  • Popular streaming platforms integration
  • ISO recording of all cameras
  • Simultaneous stream recording H.264/mp4
  • NTSC / PAL
  • Full blown audio mixer
  • Various I/O devices supported
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The Streamstar Software SW is the most innovative multi-purpose live production and streaming software, which facilitates users to easily produce and stream professional, live, multi-camera video productions. Fully optimized to be used on any supported I/O cards with customers own PC that meets the recommended system requirements. Distributed as voucher activation license for downloaded Streamstar SW or the trial. Having a four IP Stream Input without capture media needed and in addition can using the four port of HDMI or HD-SDI Input. Wide area of productivity features, unmatched speed and the revolutionary, intuitive, touch screen user interface permit for a extraordinary speed and easiness of use.

The comprehensive set of features includes HD-SDI, HDMI, and IP input and output; cut/crossfade/transitions automated switching modes; MPEG-TS and RTMP streaming; instant replays with slow motion playback and replays recording on all cameras; dynamic replay camera switching; sequential replay playback with automation; replay lead in/out animations; replays matrix playout with playlists; ingest on/off automation in replays; and much more.

Streamstar SW also offers a monetizing system with advertising statistics, 4 layers of DSK, internal CG with templates, and instant and unlimited video clips playback without any transcoding. The system is capable of HD recording (PGM), ISO recording on all cameras, simultaneous PGM stream recording, multi frame rate 60/50 fps operation, and true 4:4:4:4 ARGB video processing. There's also an integrated audio mixer, and much, much more.

Streamstar SW is Windows compatible and optimized to run with many common I/O cards, such as those from AJA and Blackmagic Design.

New in SW 3.0

Dynamic Replay Camera Switching

Enables switching of individual camera angles during replay playback. It's just like switching live cameras, but within one replay set and in slow motion.

Sequential Replay Playback

Play multiple camera angles within a replay set in sequence. Tap multiple replay camera buttons and the replays will play in sequence in that order.

Replay Playlists

Add individual camera replays to playlists to instantly create blocks of highlights or best scenes, ready to be fired up at any time.

Individual Replay Camera Favorites

Mark individual camera replays as favorites, which improves orientation in large numbers of replays.

Replay Names and Notes

Add names and notes to replays for faster identification and easier orientation in the replays list.

Large Replay Previews

Replay preview player size was significantly enlarged to give users better visual control and greater operational comfort.

MPEG-TS Streaming

Simultaneously send MPEG-TS streams along with RTMP and SDI out. This capability is greatly expanding the range of applications and remote production options of the system.

Internal Character Generator

Create lower thirds, titles, subtitles, crawls, tickers and any kind of text objects. Ready to use graphic templates are provided.

4 DSK / Graphics Layers

4 channels of DSK / graphics layers with transparency are available to support the advanced graphics capabilities of the system. 1. Logo - static or animated graphics to brand your production 2. Overlays - static or animated graphics stored on the system 3. CG - internal character generator output 4. Ingest - input from an external source, be it a laptop with Skype, a social media site, action camera or the output from SCOREPLUS (sold separately as an add-on), Streamstar's live scoring, timing, and titling software application.

JVC Camcorders Remote Control IP Based Remote Production

Close collaboration of JVC and Streamstar resulted in a full integration of JVC camcorder functionality in Streamstar SW. Up to 6 JVC camcorders can be remotely controlled over IP, directly from the Streamstar SW user interface. Their IP video stream output is used in Streamstar live production systems regardless of their location.

All Features

Maximal Flexibility

  • HD-SDI inputs
  • HDMI / DVI inputs
  • IP video stream inputs
  • All camera ISO recording
  • PGM and stream recording
  • JVC streaming cameras integration
  • External desktop capture with keying
  • Unlimited media library
  • Instant media playback - no transcoding
  • Multisystem PAL/NTSC

Supported I/O Devices

Production Tools

  • Switching - mixing modes with automation
  • Replays and slow motion on all cameras
  • Dynamic replay camera switching
  • Sequential replay playback
  • Replay playlists
  • Variable speed replays playback
  • Replays lead-in/-out animations
  • Monetization of commercial content
  • Individual replay camera favorites
  • Replay naming and notes
  • 4 DSK/graphics channels with transparency
  • Internal character generator
  • PIP screen layouts
  • Split screen layouts
  • Playlists playout system
  • JVC camcorders remote control over IP
  • Remote production capability
  • Audio mixer
  • Dual display support
  • Intercom and tally lights integration
  • (Optional) SCOREPLUS - live scores and titles generator (sold separately as an add-on)
  • Intuitive, ultra fast, touch-screen interface
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • True 4:4:4:4 ARGB, video processing

High-Quality Streaming

  • Built in H.264 encoder
  • H.264 encoding profile configuration
  • Full HD, RTMP streaming up to 1080p at 10Mbps
  • Simultaneous MPEG-TS streaming
  • HD-SDI output
  • HDMI output
  • Stream recording
  • Full HD internal recording
  • All camera ISO recording
  • Replays recording with audio
  • Popular CDNs and streaming platforms presets
  • Streaming profiles Save/Load

All Camera Replays and Slow Motion

  • Instant replays on all channels
  • Slow-motion playback
  • Variable framerate playback
  • Dynamic replay camera switching
  • Sequential replay playback
  • Instant replay playlists
  • Replay playback automation
  • Lead-in/-out transitions
  • Audio in replays
  • No wipes in between replays switching
  • Ingest on/off automation
  • Superfast (0.5 second) replay capture
  • Replay recording for post-production
  • Replay names and notes
  • Individual replay camera favorites
  • Monetizing system
  • Keyboard shortcuts

JVC Camera Remote Control

  • Tally light control
  • Resolution and bitrate
  • Destination of IP video stream
  • Recording control
  • Camera full auto mode
  • Iris settings
  • Gain settings
  • Shutter settings
  • White balance
  • Zoom control with presets


  • HD-SDI input: I/O device dependent
  • HDMI input: I/O device dependent
  • IP video stream input: 4
  • External source input with keying over HDMI / DVI / IP inputs: 4
  • HD-SDI output: I/O device dependent
  • GPU based HDMI output (multiview grid / PGM): I/O device dependent
  • HDMI output (PGM): I/O device dependent
  • SDI/HDMI embeded audio: I/O device dependent
  • Audio monitor
  • USB/PCIe audio card support
  • All channel replays
  • Slow motion replay playback
  • Media - unlimited playback
  • Playlists media management system
  • Real time camera preview, Media, Graphics
  • Switching/Mixing/PIP/Split layouts
  • Internal character generator with templates
  • RTMP and MPEG-TS simultaneous output

External Multi-Screen

Extended screen output using HDMI configurable to - full PGM / 4 inputs grid / all 4 inputs + PGM.

Graphics DSK - Unlimited

  • 4 layers of DSK with full transparency support
  • CG - character generator
  • Overlays - animations in .FLV or images in .PNG format
  • Logo - .PNG or .FLV; 4. HDMI/DVI input with keying


  • ISO recording of all cameras in MPGEG2 Intra-frame
  • HD: MPEG2 at 18Mpbs
  • SD: MPEG2 at 8Mbps
  • Simultaneous stream recording H.264/MP4 at streaming settings

Live Streaming

  • Up to 1080p at 10Mbps
  • RTMP (H264 + AAC)

Audio Mixer

Integrated, full featured audio mixer with monitoring, video follow, muting, peaking, and more.

Supported Video Input Formats

720p25, 720p29.97, 720p30, 720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30, SD

Video Processing

Full 4:4:4:4 / ARGB / progressive video processing.

ISO Recording

Streamstar offers the ultimate quality recording of all camera signals in MPEG 2 Intra frame format with a load balance feature that allows you to distribute the recording to any configuration of storage media.

Replay Audio

Replays of all camera angles including audio are saved as A/V files for post-production.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Frequently used features can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts for convenience, greater speed, and ease of use.

Wider Range of IP Inputs

Streamstar supports a wide range of IP video signals: RTMP, RTSP, HLS, UDP Unicast, and UDP Multicast, all available to be used in live production.

No Wipes in Between Replays

Whenever a replay is switched to another replay, no animation will be used as a transition. Only after a replay is finished or a live camera is switched, exiting the replay system, a lead-out animation will be used in the switch.

HD-SDI Out Configuration Options

If the Streamstar SW is used with a complex computer system where multiple SDI output cards are installed, this feature allows a selection of cards to be used and a custom configuration of the SDI output.

Fast Replays Creation

The most powerful feature unmatched by any other product on the market - all camera replays are now ready to use in 0.5 of a second after capture.

DVI On/Off Automation in Replays

External graphics inserted into Streamstar via the HDMI/DVI input (e.g. SCOREPLUS output) are automatically switched on/off by the replay playback, making the replay operation slick and effortless.

H.264 Encoding Profile Configuration

To ensure a seamless compatibility with various CDNs and streaming service providers, Streamstar offers a choice of different encoding profiles.

More Information

HD-SDI Input

I/O device dependent

HDMI Input

I/O device dependent

IP Video Stream Input


External Source Input with keying over HDMI / DVI / IP inputs

I/O device dependent

HD-SD I Output

I/O device dependent

GPU based HDMI Output (Multiview grid / PGM)

I/O device dependent

HDMI Output (PGM)

I/O device dependent

SDI / HDMI Embeded Audio

I/O device dependent

Audio Monitor


USB / PCIe Audio Card Support


All Channel Replays


Slow Motion Replay Playback


Media - Unlimited Playback


Playlists Media Management System


Real time camera preview, Media, Graphics


Switching / Mixing / PIP/Split layouts


External Multi-screen

Extended Screen output using HDMI Configurable to - full PGM / 4 Inputs Grid / All 4 Inputs + PGM grid

Graphics DSK - unlimited

4 layers of DSK with full transparency support
1. CG - Character generator output
2. OVERLAYS - animations in .flv or images in .png format
3. LOGO (BUG) - animations in .flv or images in .png format
4. INGEST - HDMI/DVI Input with keying

Internal Character Generator with Templates



ISO recording of all cameras in MPGEG2 Intraframe
HD: MPEG2 @ 18 Mpbs or SD: MPEG2 @ 8 Mbps
Simultaneous Stream Recording H264/mp4 at Streaming Settings

Live streaming

Up to 1080p @10Mbps
RTMP (H264 + AAC)

RTMP & MPEG-TS simultaneous output


Audio Mixer

Integrated, full featured audio mixer with monitoring, audio follow video, muting, peaking...

Supported Video Input Formats

720p25; 720p29.97; 720p30; 720p50; 720p59.94; 720p60; 1080p25; 1080p29.97; 1080p30; SD

Video Processing

Full 4:4:4:4 / ARGB / progressive video processing

Form Factor


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