Lynx Technik greenMachine 4K 12G-SDI Frame Synchronizer & Static HDR Processor

Lynx Technik greenMachine 4K 12G-SDI Frame Synchronizer & Static HDR Processor

  • Single Channel 4K 12G or 4x 3G-SDI 
  • Frame sync and up/down/cross converters
  • supporting formats up to 4K UHD (3840×2169)
  • Multiple adjustable user delays for audio and video
  • Basic testpattern Generator
  • RGB Color Corrector (Gain/Gamma/Lift and Offset)
Ships in 7-14 Days

The Lynx Technik greenMachine 4K 12G-SDI Frame Synchronizer & Static HDR Processor is a broadcast-quality HDR > SDR or SDR > HDR or HDR > HDR cross converter with frame sync, up/down/cross converters, and support for formats up to 4K UHD (38402169). "Static" indicates that the processor applies a single fixed conversion to all content, in contrast to our "HDR Evie" and "HDR Evie+" platforms, which dynamically adapt the HDR>SDR conversion to the content.

The "HDR Static" platform can be configured to operate as either a single channel 12G 4K-UHD or four channel SDI device (up to 3G). Classic TV capture devices can reproduce significantly narrower dynamic color ranges than modern image sensors. High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) describe the color ranges (SDR). SDR describes the limited standard dynamic range in SD and HDTV standards. HDR has created new opportunities for broadcast and production by providing a vastly increased dynamic range for the viewer, including brighter highlights and more details in the shadows, resulting in images that are more brilliant and realistic. Maintaining backward compatibility with existing SDR displays and receivers is one of the most difficult aspects of adopting HDR, given its vastly improved range and performance.

The greenMachine "HDR Static" platform is a potent instrument for dynamic range and color gamut processing. This can be used for up, down, and cross-conversions between common input and output curves, such as Gamma, PQ, HLG, and Slog3, as well as conversions between full and narrow ranges via static tone mapping. It is also possible to convert between color spaces, including Rec. 601, Rec. 709, and Rec.2020. Converting HDR to SDR enables HDR content to be utilized in SDR workflows and viewed on standard SDR displays. You can upload up to 20 of your own (or third-party supplied) look up tables in the commonly used.cube or.xml formats. The greenMachine "HDR Static" also features frame synchronizers and spatial Up, down, and cross (format) conversions (up to 4K UHD), as well as full audio processing / shuffling, color correction, timing adjustments, and Meta Data processing. The Nova controller enables remote control and monitoring of the greenMachine via third-party master control software.

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