Blackmagic Design has announced the new ATEM TV Studio HD8 and HD8 ISO

ATEM Television Studio HD8 and ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO are the latest addition to Blackmagic Design's ATEM series of live production switchers, which offer broadcast-grade capabilities in a compact, lightweight package. These modern switchers have control panels fit for a broadcast studio, and they provide cutting-edge capabilities like streaming and recording. Also available is an ISO version with support for up to 8 remote cameras and the ability to record all video inputs. Live broadcasting, talkback, and optional internal storage are just some of the new features on these switchers.

Blackmagic Design's ATEM Television Studio HD8 price is $2,995
Blackmagic Design's ATEM Television Studio HD8 ISO price is $3,995

ATEM Television Studio HD8
Just released by ATEM, the ATEM Television Studio HD is a broadcast control panel that incorporates a professional live production switcher, making it ideal for high-end work on the go. This means that people can use it in small venues where equipment racks or broadcast vans can't be brought in. The strong switcher provided to customers includes 8 standards-converted SDI inputs, 2 aux outputs, 4 chroma keyers, 2 downstream keyers, SuperSource, 2 media players, and several transitions. Plus, it has all the features of a TV studio, like hardware streaming, recording, an audio mixer, talkback, multiview, and internal cloud storage that you can choose to use. There is even an ISO model that records all 8 inputs so that they can be edited later.

Even though the ATEM Television Studio HD is small, it has very powerful broadcasting features. The DVE, Fairlight audio mixer, still store for graphics, and ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers that come standard on this broadcast-quality switcher are just the beginning. ATEM Software Control is available for free for Mac and Windows and allows users to access even more options than those available via the front panel. Anyone can make live TV that is good enough for broadcast with a little bit of fun experimenting.

Customers can choose from exciting transitions like dissolve or more dramatic effects like dip to color, DVE squeeze, and DVE push. Customers can even add a DVE for customized picture-in-picture effects. There are also media players that let customers store graphics with alpha channels for titles and graphics that customers can load as live video inputs. Customers can then see the outcomes unfold in real time via live streaming.

The ATEM Television Studio HD is very easy to move around because it has both a switcher and a control panel in one unit. There are buttons on the front panel that let you choose sources, start transitions, and set up video effects. In addition, the buttons are of the same high quality as those found on more costly broadcast switchers. The t-bar for manual transition control is also built in. The cutting-edge audio mixer controls and real-time metering on a separate LCD are all accessible from the front panel.

ATEM Television Studio HD has 8 3G-SDI video inputs that let users connect multiple cameras to get different views of the performance. Blackmagic Studio Camera and Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 are two examples of high-quality SDI-output video cameras. Both cameras have superior low-light performance and employ high-quality professional lenses. Even if the video sources work at different speeds, the switcher will re-sync them all. Clients may rest easy knowing that there will be no hiccups during on-site installation thanks to the flawless operation of all components.

The extensive library of high-quality, in-built video effects is only one of the many advantages of ATEM Television Studio. Users can manually switch between visual effects with the t-bar fader, or they can utilize the auto button to do it for them. There are a lot of SMPTE wipes and fun DVE effects that slide or squeeze the image off the screen when switching from one video source to another.

ATEM Television Studio HD8
The built-in media pool stores graphics and animations that are good enough for broadcast and the built-in media players can be used to play them back. For the best quality, all media supports RGB colorspace with an alpha channel, which lets you add layers and make things transparent. Approximately 20 high-definition photographs can be stored in the media pool. Up to 400 frames can be used in 720HD and 200 frames can be used in 1080HD for motion graphics clips used in animations and stingers.

Because it has 4 ATEM Advanced Chroma Keyers for green screen keying effects, ATEM Television Studio is great for news and on-set presentation work. The chroma keyers are extremely potent, with options like a color picker to sample backdrop colors for auto-generation of the key settings. Customers have precise control over edge and flare, and there is even a foreground color corrector so they can match the foreground and background layers for seamless compositions. Pattern and DVE keying can also be done with the keyer.

The ATEM Television Studio features a robust SuperSource multi layer processor in addition to the DVE. SuperSource is an additional input source that provides users with four DVE layers and a background layer. Customers can set up the effect so that the viewer can see each person being interviewed while still seeing a stylish graphic. This makes SuperSource a great way to show interviews with more than one person.

The ATEM Television Studio HD has eight separate 3G-SDI inputs, and each one has its own standards converter. This means that any 1080HD or 720HD source can be changed to the switcher's video standard.

The ATEM Television Studio provides adequate connections for users to provide a distinct program return feed to all of their cameras thanks to its nine 3G-SDI program outputs. This is important because the SDI program return is used to send tally, talkback, and control information back to the cameras. Clients also benefit from two independent aux outputs, which can be used to power stage monitors or master recorders. There is a dedicated 3G-SDI and HDMI output for the multiview that can be used to watch the cameras.

ATEM Television Studio HD lets you do complex live sound mixing because it has a Fairlight audio mixer built in. There are enough channels in the built-in mixer to accommodate all SDI inputs, plus additional XLR, RCA, and MADI inputs. In addition to individual volume and panning controls, each input channel also has a high-quality 6-band parametric equalizer, compressor, limiter, expander, and noise gate. The audio mixer is very powerful, and you can change it from the front panel using the controls and LCD for the audio mixer.

Customers may watch all video inputs, preview, and program on a single SDI or HDMI display with ATEM Television Studio HD's integrated professional multiview. Aside from individualized labeling and volume meters, each camera view also features tally indicators that let viewers know which sources are now broadcasting. Customers can completely change the layout of up to 16 different views at the same time.

With the built-in hardware streaming engine of ATEM Television Studio HD, your broadcasts may reach viewers all over the world in real time. That means customers can live stream to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch with better video quality and no dropped frames. Streaming works with an Ethernet connection to the internet, or customers can connect a smartphone to use mobile data.

External USB flash drives can be used for recording in ATEM Television Studio HD. Or, if a customer installs an optional M.2 flash disk, they can record straight to their own cloud storage. The internal storage and any external USB disks can be shared over the local Ethernet network so that other people can work on tasks like editing, color correction, and getting graphics ready. The H.264 video and AAC audio compression formats were used for all recordings because of their high broadcast quality and compact file sizes, respectively. Customers can provide a single file to their clients by using the append record feature, which allows them to resume recording onto an already existing file.

With ATEM Television Studio HD, customers can use any video software because the USB connection will act like a webcam. That means customers can plug it into a computer and use any video software that works with a webcam. This ensures that the video will play in any media player, and in full 1080p HD quality.

By recording all inputs to individual video files, the ATEM Television Studio HD ISO model makes it possible for customers to edit their live event after the fact. Customers get 8 separate video input files with matching timecode and sync, and the program video is also recorded into a separate master video file. This means that customers can use any NLE software that lets them edit multiple cameras. A DaVinci Resolve Project file is saved and linked to the video files that come in. This turns their live switching into an edit timeline that customers can open with just a click.

Customers can take advantage of a comprehensive post-production process, including editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio mixing, when DaVinci Resolve project files in the ISO model are supported. When users open the project, their live production will show up as an edit timeline. If consumers wish to complete their project in Ultra HD, they can even relink to files shot on a Blackmagic RAW camera.

The fact that the ATEM Television Studio HD ISO model can connect to remote cameras is another great thing about it. The Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2, Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro G2, and Blackmagic Studio Camera 6K Pro cameras can live stream in H.264 directly to the switcher. Customers also get to control and count the cameras. The sound from the program is also sent back to the camera, which is great for live interviews.

The ATEM Software Control app brings out the full power of the ATEM Television Studio HD switcher by letting you use all of its features. The parameter palettes in ATEM Software Control are part of the visual switcher interface. Live switching, audio mixing, camera color correction, and media management are all possible with this software. Complex macros can be created and executed within the software, thus expanding its utility.

The UI and ATEM Software Control in ATEM Television Studio HD are multilingual, allowing users to switch to their preferred language. Customers get support for English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Ukrainian languages.

The ATEM Microphone Converter enables audio input extension, which is useful for users setting up a podcasting studio or for clients in need of more microphones. Customers can add as many inputs as they need by connecting additional units in a daisy chain using the ATEM Television Studio's MADI connection. Each of the converters provides phantom power to its four analog inputs, which can be used with either microphones or audio lines. Incredible quality can be found in the design thanks to its -129dBV noise floor, 131dBA dynamic range, 0.002% distortion, and consistent tolerances across all channels. To further increase the dynamic range, it employs eight individual ADCs for each input. Also, it has a neat HDMI monitoring output that scrolls audio waveforms.

Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, remarked, "These new ATEM Television Studio HD8 switchers are incredible as they cram so many functionality into a very portable design." "But we also wanted them to be high-end broadcast-grade switchers so that customers wouldn't have to settle. We were able to do this because they have full broadcast control panels, new ways of mixing sound, and built-in streaming and recording. This is a fantastic development."

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