Blackmagic Design Cintel Film Scanner


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Product Highlights

  • Convert 35mm & 16mm Film to Ultra HD
  • Realtime Scanning
  • Thunderbolt 2 Connection
  • HDMI 4K Monitoring Output
  • Wallmountable
  • 16mm Film Gate (optional)
  • DaVinci Resolve Software Included

$29,995 .00

Replacement Product
Cintel Film Scanner 2

TheCintel Film Scanner with 35mm Gate from Blackmagic Design has been designed with an architectural aesthetic and it’s so thin it can even be wall mounted! It features totally redesigned digital servos, high intensity diffuse light source and imaging systems, so you get a real time scanner that scans 35mm and 16mm film up to 30fps in Ultra HD resolution! Now you can use film for post production or unlock millions of hours of film based content for scanning to Ultra HD masters for a new future world of exciting Ultra HD distribution!

Real time film scanner for transferring 35mm and 16mm film at up to 30 frames per second via Thunderbolt 2 at full Ultra HD resolution. Cintel Film Scanner also includes DaVinci Resolve Software.

The Cintel Scanner includes a 35mm film gate, film spools, a set of four cleaning rollers, desk mount feet, and DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio software. Cintel transfers film directly to DaVinci Resolve which gives you the power to edit film rolls back together, scans to be color-graded, reframed, noise-reduced, and audio-extracted. Using DaVinci Resolve to operate the scanner means you have much more creative control than a simple telecine because DaVinci Resolve has many more features than is possible to do in hardware.

Convert Existing Film to Ultra HD

With consumers purchasing large Ultra HD televisions in massive quantities right now, the demand for great Ultra HD content has never been greater and will become a boom market in the next few years. Ultra HD is incredible quality and there are millions of hours of Ultra HD content that’s been generated over the last 100 years locked up in 35mm film that is stored in vaults worldwide! The new Cintel scanner will scan negative and positive 35mm film into amazing quality Ultra HD and you can unlock the extra resolution from 35mm film that no one has been able to see until now! 35mm film is natively 4K so the extra quality is already in the film. There is no easier way to generate Ultra HD feature films and television programming for customers to view on their new large screen televisions!

The Creative Advantage of Film

Nothing looks more like film than film does! The look of well shot 35mm film is unmistakable and it’s what all digital cinema cameras strive to emulate. When you shoot on film, you are not locked into a single look because you can pick a range of film stocks that totally alter how your images will look. Even today, with the most amazing digital cinema cameras available, some of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers still prefer to shoot on 35mm film, not only because of it’s sharpness, dynamic range, and colorimetry, but mostly for that classic film creative style. Unfortunately in the past the cost of post production involving film was high. Now the new Cintel film scanner eliminates this high cost because it’s a complete low maintenance design you can install and operate yourself!

Preserve Historical Footage

The new Blackmagic Cintel film scanner includes the most advanced Image Mill image processing Cintel has to offer, built right into the machine itself! This means you always have powerful grain reduction and optical stabilization technology available, making the Cintel scanner a perfect choice for historical archive conversions and restoration projects. Cintel’s ultra thin size means you can install it desk mounted or even wall mounted. There are even multiple accessory mount points for adding audio pickups or key-code readers. Now you can purchase your own scanner so you don’t have to transport precious film out of house to be transferred. The Cintel film scanner lets you produce stabilized, grain reduced files that are ready for digital restoration and mastering.

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What's Included

Blackmagic Design Cintel Film Scanner
35mm Film Gate
Desk Stand
8 x 1mm Reel Spacers
DaVinci Resolve 12 Studio Software
Cintel Software and Manual
Limited 1-Year Warranty

Scanner Features

Film Stocks

Print, Negative, Interpositive, Internegative.

Mono and Color.

Film Gauges

35mm (2, 3, 4 perforations) Super 35mm (2, 3, 4 perforations)

16mm, Super 16mm

Native Resolution

4096 x 3072

Effective Resolutions

3840 x 2880 - Super 35

3390 x 2864 - Standard 35

3390 x 2465 - Anamorphic 35

1903 x 1143 - Super 16

1581 x 1154 - Standard 16

HDMI Formats

3840 x 2160 Ultra HD

1920 x 1080 HD

(Auto selected to match monitor resolution)


Extraction from scanned image.

Dirt and Scratch Reduction

Diffuse light sources. Cleaning rollers.

Mounting Options

Wall Mount. Desk Mount (with included stand)

Transport Features

Continuous Motion

Run speed:

1 - 30 fps


1 - 100 fps (35mm)

1 - 200 fps (16mm)


5 - 30 fps/s

Film Shrinkage Tolerance

Up to 2 % guaranteed, more may be possible if user care is taken.


2000 ft


HDMI Video Output

1 x HDMI 1.4 10-bit 4:2:2 for preview purposes only.

Computer Interface

Thunderbolt 2 port for capture of image and audio.

Options Interface

Programmable sync output.

Balanced line level Analog Audio in

AES Digital Audio in


16mm accessory pack

Physical Specifications

79.13w x 14.17d x 34.64h inches

Ideal Film Conditions

Operating Temperature

18 - 28C

Relative Humidity

Maximum 65% non - condensing


12 Month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


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